LiveBarn Launches My Highlights

LiveBarn has launched My Highlights, a product feature that allows subscribers to tag highlights while watching games live, in a venue.  Simply create an event, add contacts and tag the plays you want to save.  After the event, highlights links will be automatically emailed to you and your selected groups and contacts!  Links will be active for 7 days, so you can download all of your plays – yours to share, yours to keep!

Using My Highlights is easy to use, fast and efficient.  It cuts down on hours of searching for video highlights after the fact.  You can save and share the entire highlight reel or just the individual clips!

We created My Highlights to benefit all subscriber types.:  

  • Parents can create personal highlight reels to share with friends and family or use for individual player development.  
  • Coaches create condensed reels for team film review and analysis.  
  • Players can use highlights for scouting reels or to share on social media.  
  • Leagues and venues create highlight reels for their teams or specific location.

Want to know more? Check out our full “My Highlights: How To” explainer video below. Or visit LiveBarn/My Highlights or the My Highlights FAQ section in Contact Us.

P.S. If you can’t watch the entire 3:30 video (we get it, we’re busy too), watch just the parts you need: How to Create Contacts & Groups, How to Create Events & How to Tag Events.