Premium Accounts – Dual User Feature

You asked.  We delivered.

Premium subscription plans now allow for two users to sign in at one time.

We understand that now, more than ever before, you may need two people to use your account at the same time.  Monthly and Annual Premium accounts have a dual-user feature enabled.

We believe that with so much uncertainty and ever-changing guidelines, families need more options to watch their children’s sports.  You may have one parent at home, and one in the parking lot.  Or perhaps one is inside the venue using our new tagging feature, while another parent is watching a second child at another game entirely.  We’ve always had the goal of a dual-user account, so we are pleased we can finally offer it to our subscribers.

With a Monthly or Annual Premium subscription Plan, you can access all of LiveBarn’s Basic Plan features, PLUS:

  • Download and save full 30-minute video segments up to 30 hours/month
  • Sign in with two users at once

Upgrading is Easy.

Current subscribers who wish to upgrade their account to a premium plan can click on their profile, select UPGRADE and select their new plan.

Don’t have an active account?  Visit and see what you’re missing!