Live Tagging by LiveBarn

Welcome to Live Tagging (formerly My Highlights). This feature has a significant place on our product roadmap as we work towards adding features around intelligent game clips, personalization and player analysis.

Live Tagging is a game-changer with respect to shortening the amount of time and effort to review games and pull together clips and analysis. Gone are the days where you have to use your phone or tablet in hopes of capturing the key plays, usually a minute too late with a lot of meaningless excess video clips. Coaches no longer need a pen and paper on the bench to document plays to later track down on VOD.

Live Tagging allows you to set up events on our website or App, and then once in-venue, tag plays while watching live. You can tag (and name) up to 25 clips per event. After the completion of the event, you receive an email with a links to condensed reel and each individual, named clip.